• Egerton University students milk dairy cows using milking machine at Kapsuswa farm Nangili Eldoret

  • Student on farm attachment in Israel planting and putting drippers in pots

  • DVC (Academic Affairs) Prof. A. Kahi, Director (BUGS & FAP) Prof. N. Mungai, Dr. M. Ambula , Mr. D. Kobei and Former Interns of 2nd Cohort , from Israel

  • Sheep at Small Wood Farm limited in Nyandarua County

  • Oat Production at Smallwood Farm Limited

  • Prof. Nancy Mungai with Egerton Students at AICAT Campus, Israel

  • Egerton student during attachment at Nyamarura Cooperative, Nyandarua County

Dairy Cow Production

Dairy Cow
Dairy cows eating a complete feed
Healthy Calf

Poultry Production

Mature turkeys
Mature chicken

Potato Production

Good Potatoes
Potato farm with diseases well prevented
Potato seeds

Maize Production

Healthy Maize field
A well fertilized maize crop
Head smut in maize

Other Agricultural Activities

Bee Keeping
Dairy Goat Production